The Evolution of The Marketing Skillset

The Evolution of The Marketing Skillset

In a panel at the CMO Digital Summit with over 45 senior Marketing leaders, Liliana Caimacan and Daniel Rukare discussed the evolution of the marketing skillset and shared their expertise on agile business transformation and future proofing. Businesses, but more importantly CMOs, are facing a multitude of new challenges due to the everchanging dynamic of evolving customer demands.

The pandemic has changed the way consumers spend their money and accelerated the shift towards e-commerce. In order to adapt to the “new normal” of this digital world, decision makers need to embrace agility and collaborate on channel strategy design. Liliana Caimacan led the roundtable and fostered an engaging conversation around the evolution of marketing, IT and sales relationships in a highly pressured environment, both externally and internally.

In a collaboration with Patrick Johnson, CEO of Hybrid Theory, Professor Daniel Rukare focused on Leadership Innovation, whether talent is the competitive differentiator in 2021, and how you can leverage the gig economy to scale downstream activates.

As a firm, you can extract three practical steps from both roundtables to future proof your business:

  1. Establish operational efficiency and optimize your core portfolio.
  2. Allow effective resilience and transition strategies.
  3. Design antifragility into future value opportunities.

If you are interested in learning more about future proofing your business and benefitting from this rapidly changing momentum, contact us here. We at DL Advisory Group offer bespoke solutions across sectors and can help you implement the changes your business needs to thrive.