Keynote Speaking

keynote speaking services

Keynote Speaking

Maximising the takeaways from your event

keynote speaking services

A great variety of factors come together for the perfect keynote speech. Delivering the desired message distinctly and convincingly, with structured thoughts and a continuous red thread is vital to capture the attention of your audience and maximise the takeaways from your event.

Why not take your next corporate event or conference to the next level with our professional keynote speakers?

Do something different to engage your teams and clients through creating moments you can share and reflect on following the event. We create an impactful event for you in a traditional in person setting or virtual. Our skilled and experienced speakers can merge different themes and elements into one coherent message that will leave your audience inspired long after the event.

Why hire us as Keynote Speakers

Our speakers are skilled in delivering the unique blend between industry practice, active research and creative implementation to capture the attention of your participants and clients. We also ensure that we provide tangible takeaways, as well as the ability for the audience to start a new debate on complex and pertinent areas of business.

Our expert knowledge at DL Advisory Group provides a new refreshing perspective to public and private engagement on critical business areas with pointed and relevant outcomes for all participants. We are selective and intentional with who we work with to ensure, quality and relevance for all stakeholders. Therefore, from the design of your own conference to hiring us for keynote delivery, DL Advisory remains your trusted partner.

Areas of focus and expertise

  • Business Development and Transformation
  • Data Mining and Analysis
  • Disruptive Innovation
  • Creative Consumer Engagement
  • Design and Development of disruptive business models
  • Brand Marketing and Management
  • Building cohesive team confidence and creativity


We offer bespoke training to your unique needs.