A multi-dimensional approach guided by industry led research


Our consultants are industry experts with over 20 years’ combined experience across Fast Moving Consumer Goods, Luxury, Services and Fin Tech sectors. We employ bespoke tools and frameworks to enable your business to diagnose the root of the specific issues that you need to address in order to evolve strategic thinking amongst your leadership and management teams. We will develop planning tools with you which can realistically be implemented and embedded within your organisation to achieve specific goals and objectives.

We work with our clients on determining the most effective strategies for converting actionable insights into desired outcomes. We will employ our data analysis tools to understand your business and formulate solutions to help you achieve your objectives. We specialise in the Fast Moving Consumer Goods, Luxury, Services and Fin Tech sectors. We work with C Suite Executives and Management teams to find solutions to every day business challenges using data tools. We use industry led research to offer the most suitable and accurate solutions in collaboration with our trusted partners.

Industry centric research

Our consultants have combines business and academic experience of over 20 years across multiple sectors, within corporations and top blue-chip companies, including Unilever, Tata Group, Tata Consumer Products, KRKA, DHL, TNT, FedEx, EF, and Hult International Business School.

They are also leading lecturers at UK and US universities, including Education First, Hult International Business School, and University of Chester. This combination of experience and expertise provides a unique blend of competences and deep knowledge that allows DL Advisory Group to remain relevant in this highly competitive market place. Learn more here.

Our Areas of Expertise include

  • Business transformation
  • Business development
  • Organisational Design thinking
  • Innovation
  • Consumer behaviour
  • Customer experience
  • Growth hacking & agile systems
  • Future proofing & anti-fragility
  • Data management
  • Scenario planning


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