Business Agility and Anti-Fragility that Drive Future Proofing

Business Agility & Anti-fragility

Business Agility and Antifragility that Drives Future Proofing

Business Agility & Anti-fragility

MMA Impact India hosted a 2-day event on shaping the future of modern marketing and has invited industry experts, boards and members to provide modern marketing practices to better understand what it takes to help build winning marketing organizations. Our experts, Liliana Caimacan and Daniel Rukare have joined this online event as keynote speakers on the topic “Business Agility and Antifragility that Drives Future Proofing”.

They broke down this complex and versatile topic and started off by defining new trends that are shaping the future in the face of our economy’s uncertainty. The way we use data and digital should not only drive operational efficiency, but future growth in business. However, there are many challenges deriving from uncertainty that can be transformed into strong opportunities for growth. With this in mind, Professor Daniel Rukare introduced the 3 Step Model for Value Creation, which is the result of an extensive research conducted on 500+ organisations. The biggest challenge that businesses face in the context of uncertainty is often the correct identification of which areas to create breakthroughs of innovation in. This framework aims at supporting and guiding a company on the process of identifying opportunities for growth and value transformation.

Along with the challenges, Liliana Caimacan shares her experiences from being Head of Innovations at TATA Consumer Products. She explores different models for future proofing with real life examples and comments on how businesses can fill the innovation gap that arises when customer needs, technological possibility, business feasibility and social responsibility come together.

Liliana Impact Session

To watch the entire event, including insightful food for thought from industry experts across the world, you can follow the link below. Our experts start presenting at 2:50:00.

If you find yourself in the same position as many other business owners who are having difficulties identifying the right areas to explore, you can contact us here for experts that will navigate you through building sustainable business models and support you in leveraging your opportunities.